Discover the features of HDIP

HDIP software is feature-rich to provide a fast and flexible platform for large, complex image processing in a straightforward, intuitive workspace. HDIP can handle data from a broad range of LA-ICP-MS instrumentation as well as from other microscopy techniques. The workspace contains all elemental images and optical images and images of any source can be layered on top of each other and aligned.

AUTOPILOT IMAGE RECONSTRUCTION allows HDIP to process data fully-autonomously from raw data towards the end-stages of data processing. AutoPilot will import data, synchronize LaserTrace and ICP-MS data, apply multiple corrections, reconstruct and calibrate the data, and export the data as publication-ready figures. The use of AutoPilot is optional.

A full-fledged false color map editor can be used to attribute any of the dozens of false lookup tables to an image. Furthermore, the lookup table can be scaled linear, logarithmic or using a CDF. The range of selected values is selected on a histogram. Additional tools allow the user to adjust transparency, scaling and thresholding. Any combination of channels can be used to make RGB composites.

Multi-standard external calibration with internal standardization can be applied to compute quantitive elemental images. A database of standard and certified reference materials is included. HDIP can even automatically recognize standards by the name of the sample provided by the user, greatly streamlining the calibration process.

Retrieve better spatial resolution with built-in convolution, deconvolution, and denoising tools. For example, a peak profile of a single laser shot can be used to correct for blurring effects which are caused by washout. Or better resolution can be extracted by accounting for spot position overlap.

Additional Features

- Signal peaks can be automatically detected, and peak analysis can be perfomed, which provides information on the peak area, maxima, width of each peak. - Export publication-quality graphics with customizable layout - Channel calculator which allows to apply your own formulas on the values: add, subtract, multiply or ratio different mass channels with ease.. - 3D viewer allows to explore 3D data.