Version 1.3.0 on the horizon.

We have started working on version 1.3.0. This will be a major patch of HDIP. This patch will drastically change the inner workings of HDIP, allowing for better performance of the software, shorter loading times, and more flexibility in the project structure. The changes made to the internal structure of HDIP will form the basis for all future features and improvements that will be introduced gradually to HDIP. The project file structure also will be changed. Files produced by HDIP 1.0 and newer can still be opened after the patch, but project files produced by HDIP 1.3.0 will not be able to be opened by older versions of the software.

There are several topics on which we want to focus in version 1.3+:

  • Easier workflow when processing a large amount of bulk analysis scans.
  • Geochronological systems, in particular the Pb/U system.
  • Better tracking of uncertainty propagation.
  • Automated segmentation of images.
  • A better overview of the project structure.
  • We hope to release version 1.3.0 to all users in fall of this year.