Mass Spectrometry Data Processing

Welcome to the HDIP Support Site

This is the support site for HDIP, a sophisticated laser ablation mass spectrometry data reduction software package created by Teledyne Photon Machines to support data scientists. This site forms the ideal starting point for scientist interested in purchasing HDIP, and for scientist who want to get started learning how to use HDIP.

What HDIP offers

Designed by scientists for scientists. Availabe for Teledyne Photon Machines laser systems.

HDIP has a plethora of data processing tools to inspect and process your elemental images and bulk measurements.

HDIP can process large data files and images. Multi-mega-pixel images can be processed, imported and displayed in the virtual workspace.

Should you encounter any difficulties in using the software, you can get in touch with experts which can guide you step-by-step through the process.

HDIP can import data from a plethora of ICP-MS systems. If your format is not yet available, we will add this to HDIP for you.

HDIP can create 3D images and show them in a stunning 3D rendering.

HDIP is designed with the help of academic partners and the latest data analysis approaches are being incorporated into the software.

HDIP is well-suited for routine analysis methods, as it is capable of unsupervised data analysis, and strives to automate data processing and analysis.

HDIP can produce high-quality graphics which will look great in your scientific publication.

Worldwide, fast support is available to help users and deal with any problems.

Latest News

In HDIP 1.3.0, a plethora of settings and options were added to allow users to customize how their workspace is organized and how the project browser is presented. The number of settings which have an effect on how the workspace looks and feels has been increased from 7 to 22. The new tags for each setting should be self-explanantory Here's a screenshot of how one of the pages of the tool will…

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In our most recent version of HDIP, 1.3.0, there is a new tool to perform internal standardization. This tool streamlines the process of performing internal standardization, by providing a wizard which allows the user to step-by-step go over the process. The tool is part of our efforts to provide an easier workflow for processing a large amount of bulk analysis scans with HDIP. Here's a screenshot…

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We have started working on version 1.3.0. This will be a major patch of HDIP. This patch will drastically change the inner workings of HDIP, allowing for better performance of the software, shorter loading times, and more flexibility in the project structure. The changes made to the internal structure of HDIP will form the basis for all future features and improvements that will be introduced…

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Version 1.2.5.beta7 is now available from Teledyne Photon Machines on request. We chose not to push this update to the users, as the upcoming large patch 1.3 is around the corner. There have been a number of extra bells and whistles added to 1.2.5, along with updates to the stability of the software. To request the new software update, visit http://www.teledynecetac.com/support/software. Details…

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We are getting ready to ship version 1.2.5! This update contains a number of large changes that greatly benefit the workflow within HDIP. Among the most important changes are a new background subtraction tool, and a new calibration tool. Version 1.2.5 is now undergoing testing by our engineers and should be ready soon. When the workstation HDIP is running on has a connection to the internet, a…

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HDIP is being used by many scientist passionate about mass spectrometry. These scientists deserve a platform to voice their ideas on the further development of the software and to ask for help if they encounter an unexpected challenge they can’t resolve. This site was created to provide this platform for the scientists using HDIP. Tutorials and FAQ are now available to help scientists take the…

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Version 1.2.4 is now available for production. There have been numerous improvements and new features in this release, so we hope you will appreciate the hard work being done. To request the new software update, visit http://www.teledynecetac.com/support/software. Details of the changelog Build number 116 – changelog relative to HDIP version v1.2-beta0 Tested on Windows 10 Pro (build 1803, 64-bit…

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